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The intricacies of Wills and probate can be difficult to navigate, but our team of solicitors and paralegals will guide you through the transfer of an estate or the sale of a property after the death of a loved one, ensuring that it is handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

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What is: Assent?

Assent is the act of transferring a deceased person’s estate and personal belongings to the beneficiaries named in the Will. An assent document is drawn up to transfer legal ownership of the property or land. This also involves changing title deeds and updating land registry assent documentation.

What is: Intestacy?

If someone dies without having made a valid Will they are described as having passed away intestate and their estate will be processed and divided according to a set of rules known as the rules of intestacy. These rules determine the nature of the assent of the property and who can and can’t inherit in order of priority.


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