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Landlord Solicitors in Essex

Our all-inclusive service gives landlords peace of mind at every stage of a tenancy.

From handling the transaction of a property, ensuring tenancy agreements are in place and are bespoke to the landlord and their needs, all the way through to property recovery should a landlord and tenant dispute arise, our solicitors in Essex are on hand to provide invaluable landlord tenant advice.

Our landlord solicitors face a range of common issues on a day to day basis. In many cases, landlords instruct us to recover unpaid rent monies and manage deposit payments. In other scenarios, we might be approached by landlords who wish to purchase the freehold of their property, and want to learn more about what this process entails (and the various costs involved). We also handle possession proceedings and can arrange the removal of unauthorised occupants – aka, squatters – if this is

proving to be a problem for you.

In essence, our Essex landlord solicitors can help you navigate the complexities of domestic and commercial lettings, and provide you with an effective and affordable solution to any challenge you may face as the owner of a Buy to Let property.

We have a whole team dedicated to finding a solution to your problem.


Tenancy Agreements

One of the most important aspects of letting a property is having a comprehensive tenancy agreement in place. We provide landlords in Essex with professional, tailored tenancy agreements that ensure your interests are fully protected – something that’s particularly important in the case of landlord and tenant disputes.

Property Repossession

Sometimes letting a property isn’t always plain sailing. Should you find yourself in the difficult position of having to recover your property from your tenants, our landlord solicitors will make the repossession process straightforward by offering professional guidance and support to the property owner.


Buy-to-let Advice

Buy-to-let properties make great investments, but to ensure you make the most of your asset it’s essential that you seek legal advice to guide you through the process. From conveyancing to tenancy agreements, our specialist landlord solicitors in Essex provide an all-inclusive service for buy-to-let investors.


Perhaps you’re looking to reduce your monthly repayments or maybe you need to borrow more money. Whatever reason you find yourself remortgaging, our experienced team of landlord solicitors will make the process as smooth as possible by handling all legal matters on your behalf.


Speak to our friendly team to find out how we can help you.

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