How to find conveyancing solicitors in Essex


A conveyancer or a solicitor is crucial if you’re looking to sell or buy a property – but which option should you choose?

If you’re looking for a conveyancing solicitor in Essex, you’ll have to consider a number of factors, including the cost, expertise and whether you would be better off choosing a solicitor. Here are a few things which might influence your decision.

Every property purchase will involve a host of legal issues, such as ensuring the registry of ownership, if there are any environmental issues or other problems which might pop up during the transaction. To make sure these all run smoothly and that every ‘I’ has been dotted, you’ll need someone with expertise in the legal requirements this involves.

Conveyancer versus solicitor

This will usually come down to a choice between a property solicitor or a licensed property conveyancer.

A property solicitor is usually someone who is licensed by the Law Society to practice law in a variety of sectors. They will often focus a large part of their work on the property sector, but they will also probably offer services elsewhere.

A licensed conveyancer is a specialist. They will not share their time on other areas, but will focus specifically on the law. They will bring a level of focus and specialism which solicitors might not be able to match.

In most cases, a conveyancer will be less expensive than a solicitor. Many law firms often hire conveyancers when providing services. For relatively straightforward transactions, a conveyancer can be a more cost effective alternative to a solicitor. Property solicitors are generally seen as being useful for those cases which can be more complicated or demanding. For example, if a case is likely to involve any disputes or complex issues, it can be helpful to have someone with wider legal experience to advise on any issues which might arise.

Choosing a conveyancer

However, as with solicitors, the quality of conveyancers can vary quite significantly. To ensure the quality of service, you want to firstly know if they are fully accredited through the Quality Conveyancing Scheme, and secondly, that your case will be handled by top specialists. A relatively small conveyancing firm, for example, can not only guarantee this level of service but can also tell you exactly who will be leading your case.

With Hook & Partners, for example, you get access to top quality conveyancers in Essex as well as the reassurance of knowing your case will be handled by Debbie or Stephen our senior fee earners and conveyancing specialists. They will ensure you receive an expert end-to-end service throughout the process of your transaction.

The most commonly cited difference between a property solicitor and conveyancer, then, is one of cost. However, it goes much deeper than that. Understanding the full requirements of your property transaction will help you find someone with the skills and experience you need.