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With emotions running dealing with issues such as financial issues, children’s arrangements and visitation rights can be highly distressing. Our team can help you understand your rights and find a constructed resolution as quickly as possible.

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Family Law & Divorce

Founder of the successful Law Firm, MK Gill Solicitors in 2002 and over a 30-year career has earned herself a national reputation as an expert Family Solicitor and Mediator. She has garnered vast experience in all aspects of Family Law. Mrs. Gill has joined us as a Partner and Head of the Family Law Department. 01268 692 255

Family law solicitors Essex

Divorce can lead to all sorts of legal disputes surrounding issues such as separation, child adoption, custody, visitation rights and financial arrangements such as the distribution of assets. At times making these arrangements can be complicated, which is why it pays to have expert guidance.

One thing we’ve learned is that every divorce case is different. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why it helps to have face-to-face advice from specialist family law solicitors in Essex who can provide a more personal approach.

Our specialist family law solicitors and mediators will work with you to understand your situations, expectations, and goals. We can help with family remedies, children’s arrangements, and mediation services to ensure a construction solution that avoids a case going to court.

Our family law solicitors in Essex are members of Resolution, a community of legal professionals dedicated to helping people resolve their disputes. We have family law accreditation and are proud to be recognised for our levels of quality in all aspects of family law.

With every case we work on, our specialists are committed to providing a caring and compassionate service that ensures your voice is heard and your interests protected.

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Our Essex based probate solicitors are part of a select panel who deal with challenging intestacy problem cases. Discover how you can benefit from their professional probate and estate administration experience.

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Financial remedy

Separating finances can be incredibly complicated, especially if a separation becomes acrimonious. Although most people assume financial connections end after divorce, your spouse could have a financial claim on you at any time. That’s why it pays to have specialist family law solicitors on your side to secure a satisfactory financial remedy that gives you certainty and peace of mind.

Our service can include a financial remedy order. Also known as a consent order, this is a legally binding agreement between you and your partner about how you will divide your wealth after marriage.

It includes issues such as rights to property, savings, investment, and child maintenance and can help all sides achieve a satisfactory financial arrangement going forward.

Children’s arrangement and mediation

When it comes to divorce, children’s voices are often drowned out, especially in a tempestuous separation. Our family law solicitor, and specialist family mediator, will ensure that does not happen. Using approaches such as child-focused mediation and child-inclusive mediation (a confidential meeting with the children), they can ensure a child’s voice is heard in all arrangements.

We aim to work with all sides to resolve disputes and arrive at a satisfactory resolution that works for all sides.


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