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Mobile Home Conveyancing in Essex

Residential conveyancing isn't just restricted to standard-build houses, flats and apartments. Our clients' properties come in all shapes and sizes, and at Hook and Partners in Canvey Island, we have years of experience in niche properties: including mobile homes.

Our partners and their supporting staff are well-versed in the nuances of the legislation that accompanies the transfers of mobile properties. Our skills lie in facilitating the successful purchase or sale of a park home and its accompanying pitch, making sure that our clients receive accurate independent advice at every stage and working closely with all third parties to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are buying or selling a mobile home in Essex, you are not required by law to instruct residential park home solicitors to manage the transaction. This is because, unlike typical brick and mortar properties, mobile homes do not need to be registered with the Land Registry. However, we would always recommend instructing a specialist conveyancer wherever possible, as navigating the regulations surrounding residential park home plots can be tricky to navigate and any mistakes made during the process could ultimately be very costly indeed.

The different areas of mobile home law

There are, of course, certain challenges that go hand in hand with mobile home conveyancing in Essex, but almost all of them are governed by the Mobile Homes Act 2013, which states that a clear procedure must be followed when a buyer chooses to purchase a residential park home or lodge.

Statutory forms must be completed within specified timeframes; fittings, contents and information must be disclosed to the buyer; and the sales contract must be expertly negotiated to ensure the park is licensed for full residential use and the buyer is aware of Site Rules and any other limitations that relate to their new property.

We also offer a range of services to site park owners, including:

Drafting mobile home contracts and Site Rules

Our conveyancing solicitors can be on hand to draft mobile home contracts, Site Rules and written statements to ensure every mobile home owner or tenant in your park understands their rights, responsibilities and the conditions with regards to their pitch.

Settling park disputes

One of the areas regularly dealt with by our team are residential park disputes. Mobile home site owners will come to us seeking advice on pitch possessions and mobile home removals if a troublesome tenant has violated the Mobile Homes Act Agreement and legal action is required in order to resolve the matter.

Managing rent arrears

Despite a landlord's best efforts, rent payments often begin to fall behind. If our client is owed monies from their tenant, we can liaise with the third party on their behalf to resolve any outstanding disputes and develop a sustainable payment plan that works for everyone involved. You can learn more about the service offered by our expert landlord solicitors here.

If you are considering buying or selling a residential park home, be sure to speak with the team at Hook & Partners in the very first instance. Our mobile home solicitors, who are based in Canvey Island, Essex, have over 40 years' experience in helping local clients with their move, and their advice and support has proved time and time again to be invaluable at every stage of the conveyancing process.