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What is child law?

Parenting can be challenging, even when a family is still living together. When the family separates it can feel almost impossible. Child arrangements can be one of the most common causes of conflict between separating couples. With emotions running high, putting aside all your relationship issues and focus on co-parenting after a split is easier said than done. Even so, the most important thing is to reach an agreement that respects the rights of all sides and puts the interests of the child first.

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Child Law

Founder of the successful Law Firm, MK Gill Solicitors in 2002 and over a 30-year career has earned herself a national reputation as an expert Family Solicitor and Mediator. She has garnered vast experience in all aspects of Family Law. Mrs. Gill has joined us as a Partner and Head of the Family Law Department. 01268 692 255

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That’s where we come in. Our expert child law solicitors can provide you with all the help and support you need to reach the right agreement after a separation. Our family law team can guide you through the complex process, help you understand your rights, and come to a fair and long-lasting agreement.

Our child law solicitors can help make child arrangements including maintenance, visitation rights, custody, and shared arrangements. By working closely with all sides, we can prepare agreements and draw up parental plans to help you continue to parent, even after the marriage has ended.

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Our Essex based probate solicitors are part of a select panel who deal with challenging intestacy problem cases. Discover how you can benefit from their professional probate and estate administration experience.

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Resolving complex disputes

In an ideal world, all parties will work together to come to an agreement that respects the wishes of the child. However, when disputes arise, we can provide mediation and practical advice for mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

Our solicitors can assist with all family law matters, including Child Arrangements Order, Parental Responsibility issues, Specific Issue Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders, removal of children from the country, change of schools, change of surnames and all related matters. Whatever the legal issue, we’ll be there to help you and your family through this difficult time.

Specialist child law solicitors

Our family law team included a specialist family solicitor, an accredited specialist family mediator, child and child consultant who can help you come to a constructive agreement. They can also advise on all aspects of mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in some of the more complex cases.

We find that with an empathetic approach and reasoned advice, many cases are capable of agreement that might otherwise have gone to court. However, if the worst comes to the worst and court proceedings are unavoidable, our child law solicitors can represent you to protect your best interests – and those of the child.

Expert solicitors in child law

At Hook and Partners, we understand how stressful family law cases can be. Divorce and separation can be distressing enough, but when children are involved, things can become upsetting for everyone. In such cases, advice is about much more than just spurting legal knowledge – it’s about having the empathy and sensitivity to understand where people are coming from and to resolve issues with minimum tension.

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