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What is family law?

Family law solicitors work on disputes including divorce, separation, child adoption, custody, distribution of assets, visitation rights, and much more. They are there to settle all disputes as amicably as possible and protect your rights.

Recent changes to the law have made the divorce process faster and potentially easier. The introduction of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 provides for joint applications or a statement of irretrievable breakdown. Most importantly, it allows one party to start the process without having to assign blame.

Even so, this will be one of the most distressing experiences anyone can go through. With emotions running high, navigating the complex legal issues of separation can be difficult. This is where Hook and Partners come in. Our family law lawyers can guide you through every step of the way offering expert advice and protecting your interests.

Children’s arrangements

Parenting when living together can be tough. When you’re separated it can be even worse, especially after an acrimonious split. It can be emotionally exhausting and present a host of new problems. At Hook Partners we can be by your side, protecting your interests and guiding you through every step of the way from arranging making childcare arrangements, sorting out disputes, and deciding with whom children spend their time. Our specialist team includes a family solicitor and an accredited specialist family mediator/child consultant who will help you protect the interests of the child. Our aim is to provide advice, resolve disputes and try to avoid cases going to court.

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Family Law & Divorce

Founder of the successful Law Firm, MK Gill Solicitors in 2002 and over a 30-year career has earned herself a national reputation as an expert Family Solicitor, Mediator and Partner. Manjit Gill has a national reputation and used to run her very successful firm MK Gill in Kent. 01268 692 255


Separation can be emotionally draining and upsetting for everyone involved. Tensions can run high and although everyone wants to avoid court proceedings coming to an agreement about children and financial affairs can be difficult.
Our specialist, DBS checked, family mediator creates a safe space in which you can reach an agreement. Using methods such as Child Focused Mediation and Child Inclusive Mediation (a confidential meeting with the children), she ensures the child’s voice is heard in any arrangements.
To find out more about our mediation services, feel free to contact Manjit Gill on 01268 692 255 for a free 10-minute telephone consultation.


Our expertise in matters relating to Wills & Probate means we are a partner of choice for Finders, one of the firms that act for BBC TV’s Heir Hunters.

Our Essex based probate solicitors are part of a select panel who deal with challenging intestacy problem cases. Discover how you can benefit from their professional probate and estate administration experience.

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Financial remedy

Divorce carries a host of complex financial issues many of which can last many years after separation. A divorce only deals with the end of a marriage. Financial claims can remain intact which means a spouse could make a claim against you at any time in the future. Untangling these financial issues can be daunting and complicated.

To avoid ongoing disputes, we work with you to secure a satisfactory financial remedy, which works for all sides and avoids costly, lengthy, and upsetting court proceedings.

This could include a financial remedy order, known as a consent order, that can dismiss a spouse’s claims against you. This is a legally binding decision between you and your partner about how you will divide your assets and wealth when your marriage ends and can cover issues such as:

    • Rights to property
    • Savings
    • Shares
    • Pensions
    • Any international assets
    • Liabilities for debts
    • Child arrangements/child maintenance.

    There is no one size fits all solution for these financial remedy orders, and you will not necessarily have to go to court in order to reach a settlement. Our professional team of solicitors can help you reach a solution through mediation or collaboration. Our team involves an accredited family law solicitor and mediator who can help you reach a swift resolution.

    How we help

    Our experienced family law solicitor is a member of Resolution, a community of family law professionals dedicated to helping people resolve their issues in a non-confrontational and constructive way. They can advise on all aspects of divorce and financial assets including complex financial issues, child arrangements, and property issues.

    We’ll aim to work with all sides to come up with a constructive solution that avoids court proceedings. To that end, our family mediator can help you resolve matters in a faster and more cost-effective, way.

    Our team has Family Law Accreditation and is recognised by the Law Society for our quality standard in all aspects of Family Law.

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